Honda Silverwing Trike Kit

Honda Silverwing Trike Kit

Motor Trike introduces the Honda Silverwing GT3 trike kit. One of the coolest things about the kit is that it will fit all Silverwing maxi scooters manufactured from 2001 until the present day. This means no model year-related restrictions for the customers who want to go three-wheel with their ride.

Motor Trike will replace the entire rear section of the Silverwing, and will add their chain final drive. This might be a bit tricky for customers who are not acquainted to taking care of their bikes’ chain, with the cleaning, oiling and adjustments which must be performed periodically.

The components Motor Trike uses to upgrade your Silverwing are premium-grade and come with a powder-coated surface to make them look sharp and endure the road conditions better. The Silverwing will receive a live rear axle swingarm suspension, with upgraded coil springs and bump stop. Customers can also choose rear wheel upgrades to add more styling points to their ride.

And since Motor Trike dealing with custom operations, a rake kit can also be installed to add more street cred. Other than that, Motor Trike’s conversion does not alter the wheelbase of the Silverwing significantly, and this retains the low-speed maneuverability. The new fenders which come with the GT3 kit are made from lightweight polyester resin fiberglass, and customers can also order color-matching painted parts for flawless looks. 1-, 2- and 3-tone special paint jobs are also on the optionals list, as well as crating your ride for shipping.

The makeover comes with a 3-year or 60,000 mile (96,500 km) warranty and a $4,995 (€3,925) price tag.

If you want to go trike but the Can-Am Spyder is definitely not your first choice because of budget considerations, styling or final purpose, transforming your Honda Silverwing into a cool-looking trike might definitely do.

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