Headkayse -A game changer in cycle helmet safety

The world’s first soft but safe, multi-impact, one-size-fits-all, foldable cycle helmet

What is Headkayse? Headkayse is a revolutionary new helmet technology, design, and approach.

“We started with the challenge of creating a better folding helmet. But this quickly led us to completely rethink the design of cycle helmets, forcing us to develop our own our unique, safer, rugged, soft material ‘Enkayse’ to replace traditional Expanded Polystyrene EPS.”

The resulting Headkayse One is not only the simplest and most compact folding helmet possible, it’s also a better all round helmet for cyclists.


Whatever, type of cycling you do, wherever you go – ‘The One’ Offers you:

  • INCREASED SAFETY – The world’s first multiple-impact protection helmet, which conforms to world safety standards.
  • TOUGHNESS! – Throw it on the floor, in a bag, wherever – it’s fine. No more worrying about every small knock to your expensive but fragile helmet.
  • ONE SIZE THAT FITS ALL – the flexibility & patented adjustment system give the Headkayse unprecedented ability to fit any size of head, from children to large adults. It even quickly adapts to woolly hats!
  • AMAZING COMFORT – Whatever shape your head is (we’re all different!) Headkayse will adjust & mould to your head, quickly feeling incredibly comfy and secure.
  • CUTTING EDGE STYLING – Carefully crafted to blend the best helmet shapes that suit the human head – Headkayse looks surprisingly good on all people.

Why do I need a flexible Helmet?

Headkayse embraces individuality. Because of its flexibility, and our patented adjustment system, the helmet simply just adapts to your head shape, making it more comfortable, fit more securely and look more compact.  For the first time since the days of leather helmets in the 1930’s, a cycle helmet conforms to your head shape. And it’s truly one size fits ALL, need we say more?

OK nothing personal but let’s be honest, cycle helmets are pretty strange looking things on most people. Aerodynamic wedges for roadies are great if you’re in the Tour de France, but a bit weird when yoou’re just poppping to the shops. The ‘skate park bowl’ looks great on a dude with a BMX, but a bit suspect on a middle aged commuter.

So Headkayse has been designed as an urban hybrid to look good wherever. Flexibility allows it to follow your head shape, meaning there’s no sticky out bits making it look like you’re wearing a plastic pie.


So how small does it pack?

Clever use of materials means we don’t need any crazy hinges and folding mechanisms. It just folds flat. Simple and quick.

Headkayse flattens by 70% to just 5cm wide, reducing in volume by 50% from 5L to 2.5L

Is it tough?

Hell yea – We’ve spent over three years exhaustively testing, retesting and testing again to get the in-depth material knowledge to develop “Enkayse”

With this helmet, you can drop it on the floor, bosh, bang or scratch it and you don’t need to worry about whether you *ought* to get a new one. Our unique “Enkayse” materials will just suck up the punishment and spit it back out! Hoo Ha!

Is it safe? Yes!

For the last 40 years nearly all cycle helmets have used Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). It’s a good energy absorber at high speed impacts, but it’s destroyed in the process, meaning traditional EPS cycle helmets only perform once; sacrificing themselves to absorb the energy and providing little help on a second hit.

At lower speeds EPS’s rigidity means a small knock passes the energy straight to your skull, adding up to some nasty long term affects to the brain. Try knocking your knuckles hard (not too hard) on the top of your EPS helmet – it’ll shake your eyeballs about.

So we set out to find a better material. During what turned out to be a much longer process than we thought, we discovered and tested many amazing materials, but none provided the protection we needed when exposed to real life heat or cold.

Helmet standards specify testing across a temperature range of -20deg C to +50deg C, a temperature range that, by a particular quirk, only suits the polystyrene helmets… Until now.

Enkayse is the result of all our hard work. Its special combination of slow response and elasticity means it can absorb impacts without permanent damage, whilst the extremely tough outer protection layer is tear proof, and resistant to sharp objects.

Enkayse exceeds the requirements of the European cycle helmet standard (EN1078), maintaining performance and keeping you safe.

The flexibility of Enkayse means it can absorb impacts without permanent damage whilst the extremely tough outer protection layer is tear proof, and resistant to sharp objects….Grrr!

When exposed to large impacts, traditional cycle helmets made from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) only perform once; sacrificing themselves to absorb the energy. There is little forgiveness when exposed to small impacts which don’t meet the threshold for EPS to compress.

Check out more on headkayse.com

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