HD100 – DARK as NIGHT helmet

a HD100 - DARK as NIGHT helmet
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What’s sleek, mysterious, and black all over? The all NEW HD100 helmet! (formerly known as Dark as Night helmet concept). With clean lines and a dramatic profile, you are sure to turn heads while wearing this stylish customized helmet.

The NEW HD100 is the result of months of developing a new proprietary elastomer (polymer) formula that yields soft yet flexible traits without sacrificing durability, functionality, or looks.

There is little to no difference in aesthetic looks, the concept has faithfully transitioned into production in every major aspect. The “extremities” are formed with a soft shiny rubbery coating over a performance type durable flexible foam core (similar to memory foam used by the mattress industry).

  • a HD100 - DARK as NIGHT helmet
  • b HD100 - DARK as NIGHT helmet
  • c HD100 - DARK as NIGHT helmet
  • d HD100 - DARK as NIGHT helmet
  • e HD100 - DARK as NIGHT helmet
  • f HD100 - DARK as NIGHT helmet
  • g HD100 - DARK as NIGHT helmet


  • Integrated hand crafted and tooled details made from a breakthrough proprietary elastomer (polymer) formula
  • Original concept and design made from high quality materials (NOT toy parts attached to a helmet)
  • Based on GM48S Platinum series full face helmet (see GMAX product details below)
  • Includes flush mounted, screwless (easily interchangeable) CLEAR and TINT visor (platinum quality)
  • Available in adult sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL** (3XL not available)

Additional GMAX1 PRODUCT DETAILS (Base helmet details)

  • Lightweight DOT approved Thermo-Plastic Poly Alloy shell (GM48s without modifications).
  • High tech shell design for maximum venting and comfort.
  • SPC top front vents, interior and styro designed for controlled air flow.
  • GMAX D.E.V.S. adjustable (Dual Exhaust Venting System) multiple top side and rear venting reduces fogging and sweating by allowing hot air to escape from the mouth area and top of head.
  • Adjustable chin vents directs air upward across the inside of the shield to help reduce fogging.
  • Removable/adjustable CoolMax® comfort liner and cheek pads allow custom fitting and move moisture away from your body, and the fabric dries quickly. The added performance keeps you cool and comfortable.
  • Soft padded chin strap.
  • Large eyeport opening for greater visibility.
  • Speaker pockets for easy speaker/communication system installation.
  • Final modified design complies with FMVSS 218 S5.5 as extremities are SOFT and FLEXIBLE
  • meets US DOT compliance
  • Custom design made in USA


Post source : helmetdawg.com

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