Hard CRO 2016 – ultramarathon bike race across Croatia

Hard CRO 2016

Hard Cro is an international ultramarathon cycling recreational race in Croatia, to be organized for the first time in June 2016. (Start 20.06. 9h – Finish 24.06. 23h) with the intention of repeating it each year before the tourist season. The challenge consists of completing the race in less than 5 days, cycling through the most attractive locations in Croatia, from Prevlaka to Ilok.

All the contestants are to be fully autonomous, with no support along the route, caring about their own food, equipment, bicycle and pauses. It will not be allowed to have support on control points, however, organizer will provide to participants options for sleep, shower and obtain mechanical help with the bicycle. Route plan is suggested, not obligatory, each contestant should make their own route and plan the ride individually.


The organizer is cycling club „BK Samo Sport“ – sports organization of enthusiasts as well as sporting professionals, a temporary member of CCF (Croatian Cycling Federation). The mission of the club is to promote bicycling as a sport and also bicycing in all spheres of life, as well as spreading tolerance among all road users while respecting the rules and the infrastructure.

Goals of the club: to organize at least one manifestation in the CCF calendar, meetings of bicyclists and cycling fans, group rides, trainings, competitions outside of CCF calendar, endurance rides (BRM brevet).


It’s not necessary to qualify to enlist in the race. However, it’s considered an advantage to have experience with marathon bicycling rides in order to finish the race successfully within 110 hours. All types of bicycles are allowed, technical suitability of bicycle and equipment is responsibility of the contestant. Helmet, appropriate lighting and reflective vest are mandatory equipment. To enlist in the race, you have to have more than 18 years of age. Check the rules.

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Hard CRO 2016 map

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