Grasp – Bicycle Lock with Fingerprint Recognition


Keeps your bike secure. Unlocks in less than a second. Slides on and off easily. Let’s you share your bike with friends.

Every cyclist knows the pain of locking up and unlocking their bike. Why does security need to be so unpleasant? With the Grasp Lock, bicycle security has never been easier. It reads your fingerprint and unlocks in less than a second.

It’s ergonomic design lets it slide on and off your bike easily. The hinged arms allows for maneuverability so you don’t have to reach over your bike to secure it.

Fingerprint recognition

Keys can be lost or copied and key mechanisms can be picked. The lock’s biometric fingerprint sensor provides enhanced security.

The Grasp Lock leverages the world’s smallest optical fingerprint sensor with an industry tested and proven algorithm. We have established a relationship with the manufacturer to enable the best possible integration of the sensor with the Grasp Lock.

Scratch and weaterproof

The Grasp lock is finished with a soft touch plastic. We don’t want any scratches on our frames and we know you don’t either, so we’ve designed gentle curves so the lock glides over any bike and bike rack.

The Grasp Lock is water resistant and can take being left in a downpour. Just don’t try locking up your bike underwater.

The App

Sharing your bike has never been easier. Give access to family and friends using the Grasp App. The first time you open the app, it will link your phone to your lock using a special code associated with your lock. Once the setup is done, you can add up to 20 additional fingerprints to the lock. User access can be removed from the manage page, and you can also set time intervals for when others have access to your lock. In the unlikely situation where your fingerprint isn’t working, you can emergency unlock over Bluetooth connection using the Grasp App.


The Grasp Lock uses three AAA batteries that will last over 1 year and are easily replaced. When the batteries are removed from the lock, or run out of juice, the lock remain locked and your bike stays secure.

Our team worked hard to develop a low power system that reduces its energy usage as much as possible. And don’t worry, the battery compartment is isolated from the rest of the lock inside a protective steel chamber.

Unlike other smart locks that require you to bring the lock indoors to recharge when the battery dies, standard AAA batteries means that you can leave your bike locked up, and easily replace the batteries when required.

If the batteries do run out, the locks remains locked so you don’t have to worry about it becoming compromised.

Superior security

The Grasp Lock is forged of the same hardened steel alloys as some of the strongest locks on the market. The lock hinges are protected by a reinforced steel shell to resist attacks. It uses fingerprint identification to unlock, so unlike key locks that can be picked or combinations guessed, the Grasp Lock will only unlock for you.

Its square shackle means the Grasp Lock is harder to cut through with common cutting attacks. The reason some high end U-locks (D-locks) have square shackles is because the force of bolt cutters is more evenly distributed across a surface, instead of a single point. This significantly reduces the stress experienced by the shackle, allowing it to withstand higher forces.

Another benefit of a square shackle is the greater cross-sectional area. This means there is more metal to cut through when compared to a circular shackle.

The lock secures itself using a hardened steel locking bolt that we engineered to withstand leverage attacks. We spent months searching for the right material and getting the shape of the bolt just right.

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