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In 2011, Adam and Christy Coppola devoted a year of their lives to help give bikes to those in need. They biked all 50 States, self-supported with a focus on charity, adventure, and physical challenge, all visible through photography, videography, and journalistic blogging.

Adam and Christy Coppola are two ordinary people with an extraordinary passion for the outdoors, adventure, and giving forward to communities in need.  They have decided to put their careers on hold in order to bike all 50 of the United States…. bicycle that is… no gasoline involved here!

“We’ve biked 41 states, 8,300 miles, and raised over $20,000 for all of our charities. All of this is a direct result of the incredible support we have received from friends and family at home, as well as, new friends we’ve met along the way. Thanks so much for supporting us; we hope you’ll stick with us for the final 9 states!”

  • The Idea:  It came upon us over a sushi dinner.  We boiled down all of our passions(giving forward, adventure, traveling, photography and writing)  into one pretty cool plan.  We want to bike all 50 states for charity. Our charities, World Bicycle Relief and Achilles international, will help us get bikes to those who aren’t as fortunate as us.  (You can read more about our charities here)
  • The Tour:  Starting in January, 2011 we’ll ride our bicycles throughout all 50 United States.   We’re carrying all of our gear: tents, sleeping bags, food, computers, camera gear… you know… the important stuff!  We’ll be camping out mostly in order to save money, but if you’d like to host us for a night, we won’t back down from that offer!  Let us know if you wouldn’t mind 2 stinky cyclists for a night!!
  • The Cause: We are riding in hopes of spreading understanding about the impact a bicycle can have on a family in Africa, an at-risk child in the U.S., or a disabled U.S. Veteran.  We are raising money for World Bicycle Relief and Achilles International.  We are collecting donations on our donation page and with your help, we will be scheduling presentations, ride alongs, meet-and-greets, and used bike collections in the areas we visit!  We want to get the word out to as many people as possible to create a larger impact.

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