FORKS: 3 Years. 5 Continents. 1 Motorcycle.

Allan Karl

An around-the-world adventure with stunning photos, tasty recipes and inspiring stories.

I’m Allan Karl, adventurer, photographer, and author. I’m also WorldRider. I spent three years riding around the world alone—on a motorcycle. As I prepared for my journey many warned me not to go. My friends and family were convinced I would get sick, hurt, ripped off, kidnapped, or killed.

I thought differently. I imagined a world of friendly people as eager as I am to learn, share, and connect. My quest was to explore: to discover the beauty of our world and its humanity. To uncover truths about them both and to find and learn more about myself.

Through the pages of this book, I share not only incredible adventures, I share the powerful gift of human connection—often made over good food and drink. Readers can experience the world as I did by traveling through each country, meeting the people and their unique cultures, and tasting their food.

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