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Ford MoDe Flex e-bike 2
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In many cities, driving your vehicle from home to work is not feasible. Ford is looking for solutions and revealed a new electric bike and a prototype Apple Watch app that makes using the eBike even easier for urban commutes.

MoDe:Flex is Ford’s third, most versatile eBike yet – easily reconfigurable for different customer needs. The bike’s center frame assembly includes the motor and battery, while the front and rear assemblies and wheels can be configured for road, mountain or city riding.

The bike folds and stores inside any Ford vehicle – where it can be charged while stowed. A new extension of MoDe:Link for Apple Watch brings all of the real-time data and functionality to the eBike rider’s wrist.

Ford MoDe Flex e-bike


This includes the “no sweat” mode, which increases electric pedal assist based on heart rate – ensuring riders gets to their destinations without breaking a sweat. The wearable device also provides safety notifications. Hazards, such as potholes ahead, are signaled through vibrating handlebars, plus the Apple Watch taps the rider and beeps.

MoDe:Pro is built for urban commercial use by couriers, electricians and delivery services. It is designed to stow into commercial vehicles such as Ford Transit Connect, which can act as carrier and support vehicle, and handle more than one eBike.

MoDe:Me is intended to keep the urban commuter moving in congested trac. It folds and stows easily – allowing commuters to park on the outskirts of a city, take the eBike onto public transportation, and travel to the city center where they can then ride the bike to their destination.

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