Flyfit – smart ankle tracker for cycling

Flyfit - smart ankle tracker for cycling
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Feather light, sleek and accurate. The only fitness band you’ll ever need to track your activity.FlyFit captures your leg movements and accurately tracks your cycling, jogging, spinning and other cardio activities.

World’s First Ankle Tracker For Fitness, Cycling & Swimming. Lightweight, stylish and accurate. Start every day off on the right foot with the only device you’ll ever need to track and monitor your physical activity. FlyFit captures your leg movements and accurately tracks your cycling, jogging, spinning and other cardio activities.

Smart fitness tracker designed for those who value form and function in their sports gear. Hidden inside the sleek design of the Flyfit band is an advanced module that seamlessly collects real-time data from every action in your day.

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Whether you’re in hardcore training mode or just trying to get to the gym more often, Flyfit will help you to improve your performance and be the best version of you. The band is available in five colors: the basics (black and white) plus three fashion colors (cyan, fuchsia and bright yellow). The color options can be switched up to match your gear.

LED Features

The LED panel has four symbols to represent each of the main tracking functions:

  • Daily Activity: walking, running, cycling & stair types of fitness
  • Sleep: number of hours and quality
  • Swim: leg strokes

Flyfit stands out from the pack as a device worn on the ankle, and unlike all the wristband trackers, it has the ability to measure leg movement. Furthermore Flyfit provides wireless synching to your smartphone with Bluetooth technology, so you can benefit from the knowledge of real-time data.

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Other advantages over competing products include:

  • Water-Proof connector – allows you to use it swimming or cycling in the pouring rain.
  • Bluetooth 4.0/BLE technology – provides continuous syncing and real-time data
  • Color selection – choice of five colors appeals to a broad selection of users

Flyfit has several functions and features that make it truly one of the more unique and well-rounded fitness tracking devices on the market.

How Flyfit Works

Monitor your progress in real time. Flyfit’s real-time sync not only captures your leg movements but also displays your performance in real-time! Whether it’s pedal cycles, speed, distance, duration, calories burnt, or steps, these can all be tracked on your smartphone or tablet device.

Just like a personal trainer, Flyfit tracks your every move throughout your workout with all the important statistics. No matter where you are – gym, pool, at home or on the road – it simultaneously shows your pace, calories burned, and how far you’ll go. Afterwards, you can access and compare your stats to previous workouts.

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Cycle with Confidence

Flyfit is the first fitness tracker specifically designed with cyclists in mind. Its design achieves one of the biggest challenges in the professional cycling world: capturing accurate pedal tracking while meeting the strict standards of the category.

Whether you’re indoors or out, Flyfit’s unique motion-sensing technology detects and tracks your cycling stats so you can instantly view how far and how fast you are going via the easy-to-use mobile app.

Understand Your Sleep

After a long day, wearing Flyfit to bed can help you better understand your sleep patterns. When you turn on the sleep mode, it can track how many hours you’ve slept, how many times you’ve woken up and help determine your overall sleep quality.

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