Fixies from Tokyo to Osaka

Fixies from Tokyo to Osaka

Alpinestars family member, Tim Brehmer and 13 of his closest friends (from Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco) from all different cities, met up in Japan to set out on 400 mile tour from Tokyo to Osaka.

Their goal (along with survival) was to experience a more intimate kind of travel and make a documentary of their adventure.Their forthcoming film, Tokyo to Osaka, will chronicle their seven-day journey, including the mechanical problems and injuries that tripped them up and the unexpected roadside barbeques and new friendships that made a cycling trip such a rewarding way to travel.

Their weapons of choice, fixed geared racing bikes. The tentative route would land them in 7 different stopping points, an unexpected BBQ and an Alley Cat race. Be sure to look at both segments!

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