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For all those dedicated cyclists, those who are seeking to get into cycling, or newbies new to the scene and wanting to get decent, quality accessories at decent prices without spending the fortunes some of the well-known brands charge, look no further than Felvarrom.com

All their products are hand-made which enables them to ensure high quality, perfect merchandise every time. When you buy from Felvarrom, you are buying from a company that lives and breathes cycling. They also care about the environment, which is why all their products are made from recycled bicycle parts.

Take, for example, the lifestyle tire bracelet. With outer material made from upcycle/recycled bicycle tires, and inner material from genuine cowhide, it is an eco-friendly, sustainable piece of handmade cycling apparel that will make you stand out from the crowd. Originally Sir Laszló’s special hobby used to be that he would sew a variety of things to each other with his industrial sewing machine or at least try to. Then when he realised that no needle can pierce the Shimano chainring, in his grief over his narrowing possibilities, he has created a pretty tyre and leather combination. Perfect.

Material: outer side is upcycled / recycled bicycle tire, inner side is cowhide. Fastened with a colourful velcro.



inner tube belt

Or how about their inner tube belt? Designed due to felvarrom’s desire to construct something from an inner tube other than a catapult, it is hand stitched and available in a variety of bright colors.

Material: Recycled / upcycled bicycle inner tube, colourful textile strips are sewn on the side. The prong and the buckle are made of metal.

Width: About 40 mm / 1.3 inch

Length: uniquelly for your waist or 135 cm / 53 inch with shortening guide to cut by yourself

Weight: About 250 g, depending on length


Plus they have a fantastic tire belt made from, you guessed it, an old bike tire.

Material: Recycled bicycle tire, the prong and the buckle are made of metal.

Width:  25 mm / 1 inch

Length: uniquelly for your waist or 135 cm / 53 inch

Weight: About 250 g, depending on length and thickness of the bicycle tire




They also have an amazing range of cycling clothing such as t-shirts and trouser strips. Available in an extensive array of colors, their hand-made clothing is a work of art. So if you are looking for good quality and eco friendly bicycle accessories, then please take a look at the Felvarrom.com website. You will find all their goods modestly and competitively priced.

For newbies to cycling, they really are a great place to start to get your accessories!

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