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The average waist size of men in Britain is 38” which equates to approximately a size XL in most cyclewear and very few other cyclewear brands adequately cater for this or larger sizes, instead offering garments which are supposed to stretch to accommodate the wearer. Standard cyclewear sizing uses the ambiguous and confusing M, L & XL – sizing which doesn’t easily equate to the ‘off the peg’ high street sizes.

Any average-sized lad will know that this is rarely flattering. Rather than take traditional cyclewear clothing and make it bigger; Fat Lad At the Back redesigned the templates means the clothing fits the body better in every possible way.  The company also uses colour and shape effectively to make the wearer, whatever their size, feel more comfortable and confident in their workout gear. The jerseys are also longer so cyclists have no need to fear garments riding up and exposing their curvy bits whilst exercising.

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Fat Lad At The Back creates technical cyclewear to fit rather than to stretch all sizes, for a much more comfortable ride and flattering look. Fat Lad At The Back supplies top quality jerseys, jackets, bibs and a range of accessories in sizes ranging from 28” to 60” waist and 36” to 58” chest. To ensure each ‘Fat Lad’ gets the right size when they order, customers are asked to measure themselves before buying, following simple instructions from the website. The garments ordered nearly always fit perfectly; resulting in a very low ‘returns’ percentage.

The brand was originally created for lads like founder Richard Bye – Mr Averages, with a 44″ chest and a 38″ waist who couldn’t find anything to wear. It quickly became apparent that there were other cyclists out there who were bigger and they needed something to wear too, so Fat Lad At the Back introduced larger sizes into the range. After meeting a lad called Geoff, who was 23 stone, we designed the Spare Tyre range, a bespoke collection tailored for Geoff and all the other lads like him.

Shortly after the launch of Fat Lad At the Back there were lots of inspiring stories from Lads who had achieved great things through cycling; many overcoming adversities and personal tragedy; to now enjoy a healthier and generally happier life. The kit has proven to be a real ice-breaker whilst out riding; with other riders and the public enjoying the humour and laughing with and not at the wearer, thus heightened his sense of empowerment and belonging. As the community of Fat Lads has grown and the lads are now meeting up with each other and spotting other Fat Lads at events and whilst out riding, the girls, or should we say Lasses, have demanded to be part of it and to share the same confidence and sense of belonging, so we created a lasses range.

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Whilst the models in our photo-shoot may not share a body mass index, they do share the FLAB ethos, which celebrates everyone and anyone who’s having fun on their bike and encourages others to join them.

Sportswear brands don’t usually acknowledge the achievements of ‘average people’, but Fat Lad and the FLAB Community do and our social media is full of photos of FLABs, of every shape and size, achieving all sorts of fantastic things and that’s what makes it such a great place to be.

To put it simply, when you put on a Fat Lad At the Back jersey you’re part of the bulge and that means whoever or whatever you are, you just got an extra 10,000 friends.

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