Efneo’s 3-gear front gearbox

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Are you like most people that really don’t like all the hassles and problems associated with a front derailleur? Now you have an alternative. Efneo’s 3-gear front gearbox is perfect for trekking, hybrid, urban, single speed, city and folding bikes as well as for off road non-competition bikes and e-bikes.

It will add about 200-300 grams to the weight of your bike if you remove a three-chainring crankset of good quality (with aluminum cranks) and put the Efneo gearbox on your bike.

You can put Efneo gearbox on any frame designed for a tapered square axle bottom bracket 68mm (ISO/English), used in almost all of the city, urban, single-speed, hybrid, trekking bikes, as well as trikes & recumbents.

  • a Efneo
  • b Efneo
  • c Efneo

Gear shifting

You can change gears when you are not pedaling. You can change gears under load when upshifting a gear. You have to loosen your leg a bit when downshifting a gear (like in most bicycle gearboxes on the market).

Maximum torque

We guarantee the Efneo gearbox works perfectly in all conditions except for extreme off-road applications like downhill or professional MTB.

Rear transmission compatibility

Can be paired with a rear derailleur, rear gearbox or single-speed hub. For a rear gearbox check the maximum front chainring suggested by the gearbox manufacturer (they often require minimum 34T, and the Efneo gearbox has 28T); this condition does not apply to bikes with much smaller wheels, then standard 26″-28″, for example folding bikes.

How it works?

Efneo is a planetary gearbox. One chainring rotating at three different speeds on each gear. It is an equivalent to a 28/40/50T front crankset.

This video shows how it works:

Efneo Gearbox – How to Install on a Bike?

Installing the Efneo Gearbox on a bike is easy. You can do it at home if you know how to remove your current crank (you only need a tool called “crank removal tool”, which is cheap and easy to operate). If you do not have that tool, take your bike to the nearest bike shop. They will do it in not more than 15 minutes.

Efneo Gearbox on e-bike

If you have an e-bike with a rear wheel engine, you can have even more advantages with the Efneo Gearbox. The gearbox affects positively your bike’s range.

The battery consumption is the highest in three situations:

  1. when starting
  2. when climbing uphill
  3. when cruising at maximum speed

In all these cases the gearbox helps you to support your engine and reduce the battery consumption considerably, so that you improve your bike’s range:

  1. when starting you can downshift easily to the first gear and add some power from your muscles much easier than with a big front chainring (remember – you cannot do this with a derailleur if you do not downshift before stopping; and we forget to do this so often…)
  2. the same is with climbing uphill – you can help your engine without getting too tired (hmm – that was the reason to buy an e-bike – not to get too tired 🙂
  3. when cruising at speed around 20mph/35kph it’s very difficult to add any torque with a chainring of about 40T; you need a bigger front chainring to pedal effectively and to support your engine; here we come with our third gear that is an equivalen to 50T (the biggest front chainring used in popular bicycle models is usually 46T)

Obviously, you can also improve your range by purchasing a bigger battery :-). But even in this case if your battery finally turns off, it’s always much better to have a multi-gear system on your bike!

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