Dirt bike snow kit

Dirt bike snow kit 4

Yes, this actually means that you can transform your adrenaline pumping dirt bike into a fully functional snow bike and enjoy riding it months before you could have enjoyed prior to getting your hands on the Timbersled’s Mountain Horse.

Dirt bike snow kitWhy is this better than a regular snowmobile, you might ask. Because it is cheaper, it allows you to enjoy your beloved dirt bike and, most importantly, even with the kit mounted the bike is a lot lighter than a snowmobile, which means you can enjoy greater control and unimaginable maneuverability, and this is something dirt bike riders will know how to appreciate.

There are three different models – the ST (Short Track Kit), LT (Long track Kit) and SX (Snow Cross Kit) – with prices that range from $5,200 to $6,100. If you choose to have the complete kit that includes the Fit Kit, you will need to add just $300 for the first two models and $400 for the last one.

Dirt bike snow kit 2Attaching the Mountain Horse snow kit to your bike requires absolutely no modifications for vast majority of bikes. The kit itself comes completely assembled and ready to be used. The Complete Kit option includes all the things you might need for conversion to a snow bike.

In addition, an extra charge gives you various color options that allow you to make your kit special. The standard color is satin black. Moreover, there are loads of accessories that you can choose to buy. To be honest, this is a great product that does for your dirt bike what the Track’N’Go does for your car. It is just hell of a lot more fun. Have a look at the video and tell us you don’t want that.

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