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DaHÄNGER is a contemporary design that will look perfect inside your home, with or without a bike. Display old races bikes, collectable frames or show off your hard earned trophies. Unless you have three arms, working on your bike can be a little cumbersome.

DaHÄNGER is not a professional work stand, but a great little helper for smaller tasks little changing tires, adjusting your brakes or derailleur and so on…

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Will my bike fit on a DaHÄNGER?

Most bikes with a standard seat and a minimum of four inches of open space below the bottom of the tip of the seat will fit on a DaHÄNGER.

How can I test if my bike will fit on a DaHÄNGER?

Find a tree and hang your bike by the seat from a branch (4inch diameter) if that works, your good to go. 🙂

How wide can my handle bars be before they touch the wall?

DaHÄNGER is 14 1/2 inches deep which will allow you to hang bikes with a handle bar width up 27 inches wide before touching the wall.

What if my handle bars are wider than 27 inches?

DaHÄNGER still works with bikes that have handlebars wider than 27 inches, but they will touch the wall and start angling the bike towards the living space.

How is the DaHÄNGER mounted on the wall?

DaHÄNGER gets attached with four wall anchors thru the back wall of the interior section of the bike shelf and comes with an easy to use template to accurately mark and drill the hole pattern to the wall. This will allow you to always have two anchors (vertically) directly into the studs with an additional two wall anchors using sheetrock anchors for added strength.

Will the screw heads be visible?

No. DaHÄNGER comes with four caps/plugs to conceal the screw heads.

What hardware will come with the DaHÄNGER?

The Shelfie will come with four wood screws, two sheet rock anchors and four concrete anchors.

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