CTRL ONE: The Smartest Glasses for Cycling

ctrl glasses
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Instantaneous electronic Tint-on-Demand lens switch to protect your vision and enhance performance.

The revolutionary e-Tint powered CTRL ONE is the world’s fastest tint changing sunglasses. Developed for the U.S. Special Forces and now adapted and optimized for anybody who wants to enhance performance.

CTRL’s smart eyewear uses the fastest responding and most energy-efficient technology available. It offers instantaneous adapting tint within the blink of an eye (within 0.1 second). Control your tint manually with a simple touch of a button, or put it on the automatic mode to change automatically. With CTRL Eyewear, you control your vision!

ctrl glasses

The internationally patented liquid crystal guest-host technology gives you the ability to change tint from light to dark within 0.1 second, which is faster than any other technology available with the main sunglasses brands.

Prof. Bahman Taheri (CEO Alphamicron) ”The e-Tint Technology has been developed for the U.S. Special Forces and is now available for you.”

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