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Turn your bike into a smart bike ! The Connected Cycle pedal is the world’s first connected pedal.

It provides a simple solution to bike theft for regular bike users. The bike owner is instantly notified when the bike is moved and able to locate it at anytime. This location capability not only prohibits theft, but also allows the owner to locate where they last parked their bike.

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On a daily basis, the pedal automatically records the speed, route, incline, and calories burned on each bike trip. These statistics are sent to the cloud, and made available to users through the Connected Cycle application available on smartphones.


The pedal is self governing and works anywhere in the world, generating its own energy, and using its own Internet connection. There is no need to charge a battery or carry your smartphone during trips because of its unique energy generation system.


Installation takes less than 2 minutes and doesn’t require mechanical skills, however the pedal can only be removed using the owner’s specially coded key. The pedal is elegantly designed with an aluminium casing.


Elegantly designed with aluminium casing, the pedals exist in 5 different colors

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“We have been encouraged by the outpouring of interest around the smart pedals from around the world and understand that bike theft is all too often commonin numerous countries,” said Christian Kravanja, Co-­founder of Connected Cycle.

“We are excited to bring our smart pedals to the public and are seeking support through our Indiegogo campaign to launch the first series into production. New features and special rewards will be revealed along the way!” Connected Cycle’s smart pedal will turn any bike into a smart bike. Fitted with a detection movement system that instantly notifies the bike owner if the bike hasmoved, the pedal will give owners the ability to know where theirbike is locatedand how much time it will take to walk to it thanks to an integrated GPS and cellular connection.

With new high-­tech equipment that automatically records the route, distance, speedevolution curve, incline curve and calories burnedforeverysingle bike trip, the pedal will share data via the Connected Cycle cloud platform and be made available to riders through anapp on their iOS or Android smartphones.Connected Cycle’s smart pedalis self-­governing, generating its own energy by pedaling.

There is no need to charge a battery or carry asmartphone during ridesbecause of its unique energy generation system.The route and statistics are recorded without draining the life of a smartphone battery as the pedal has its own Internet connection viaa cellular chip system and integrated SIM card. Incorporating feedback received during CES, Connected Cycle will be removing duration limitson the included data plan for all supporters of the Indiegogo campaign, as well as a modifying thedesign to support standardized foot straps.

The smart pedal, elegantly designed by Connected Cycle and No Design agency designers, will be available in five colors including deep black, acid green, turquoise clear water blue, tangerineand spicy red.Each purchase includes two pedals, one complete with Connected Cycle technology and amatching pedal foraesthetics.Installation of the smart pedals takes less than twominutes and does not require any mechanical skills. The removal of the pedals is through a special, coded key that only the bike owner will receive.

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About Connected Cycle

Co-­founders and longtime friends, Christian Kravanja and Jean-­Marie Debbasch, shared a passion for new technology and set out to invent a creative solution for all cyclists –from casual to enthusiasts – who have experienced bike thefts. Founded in 2013, Connected Cycle develops high-­tech products that improve the overall cycling experience and help to democratize the use of bikes as an alternative transportation mode. During development of Connected Cycle’s smart pedal, the duo expanded their goals beyond GPS tracking to include the capability of the pedal to track and deliver meaningful data via smartphones to each ride such as speed, route, incline and calories burned.

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