Closca Fuga – foldable bicycle helmet

The convenient foldable helmet, for the everyday urban rider.

Closca Fuga is not only a safety certified bike helmet but also has an unique & worldwide Patented Foldable System, allowing it to become flat and reduce its volume more than 50% to ensure an easy storage in any bag while you are not pedaling.

  • Closca Fuga 1
  • Closca Fuga 2
  • Closca Fuga 3
  • Closca Fuga 4

This very convenient foldable bike helmet comprises 3 mobile concentric rings hinged together with 2 stable positions. The helmet stays locked and inmutable while your head is inside, but folds smoothly in a second when you’re not using it. This efficient folding system allows you to transport it everywhere in a comfortable way, keeping you as safe as any regular helmet does and exceeding the global safety standards.

  • closca fuga helmet 1
  • closca fuga helmet 2
  • closca fuga helmet 3

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