CHOP-E electric bike

CHOP-E is here to prove that electrical transportation can be practical, cool, stylish and affordable! A new way to look at electric bicycles!

Chop-E is an awesome electric two-wheeler with a unique design and the coolest ever feeling from riding it. It is a very fine combination of custom parts and designs combined with off-the-shelf products. Now, to begin, we suggest that you check out the video, because it will give you a slight hint of the emotions you get while riding the Chop-E.


  • Engine: 1Kw
  • Battery: 20Ah, 16x LiFePo4 elements, 48volts
  • Front wheel/tire: 20″ diameter and 3″ wide tire
  • Rear wheel/tire: 18″ alloy rim with 240/40/18 motorcycle tire
  • Max speed: 20mph/35km/h (adjustable)
  • Range: 35+ miles / 55+ kilometers
  • Weight: ca 140 lbs / 65kg
  • Length: 6.6 ft / 2 meters
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Why should You ride Chop-E

  • You will literally be riding amost for free with our expensive electricity pricing Chop-E can ride 625km for the cost of 1€ and that is basically FREE

if we do the US calculation, Chop-E gets 329 miles for 1$. (exchange rate of 0,85$ to 1€)

  • Chop-E is a real product, not a cheap rip-off, made of ugly plastic that You should feel scared to sit on, it is built with high quality and precision and it feels and looks like high-end product – because it is one.

Check out more on

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