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The cyclists mind goes everywhere

Louis takes you on a cycling journey through Europe, mostly France: Six countries, €20/day, 38 stages, and averaging 100 km/day. His bike with luggage weighs 40 kg. His pannier bags contain everything necessary to travel, sleep, wear, navigate, photograph, cook and eat.

He travels on unfamiliar roads through countryside, villages, towns and cities. Each day presents new adventures with challenging thoughts.  He exposes his senses to wide-ranging input. Sometimes, he experiences something about everything, or everything about something.

Louis wonders about reality and myth. How science and culture shapes the future. He wonders about large and small, the universe, photons and space-time. Should you think while cycling? Does energy produce continuity?

Louis realizes that his bike is his best friend. Is gravity also a friend?

Do you plan a cycle tour? The checklists may help you plan whatever physical or mental journey you desire. There is information about nutrition, bicycle functionality and self-reliance.

Join the “cycle of life”. Smell the flowers, hear the birds and see the stars. Let speed-distance-time, echo in your mind! Let’s ride together everywhere!

Louis Frouws was born in the Netherlands. He grew up in South Africa, where he immigrated with his parents as a young child. He likes cycling and thinking. His past or current hobbies are trail running, cycling, sailing and flying a home-built aircraft. He is married with three nest-flown sons.

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