Bolivian Bicycle Adventure

Bolivian Bicycle Adventure

During the first week of May 2013, two young men set out on a bike adventure to traverse some 300 kilometers of the Andes mountain range, between the cities of Oruro and Cochabamba. They overcame several equipment issues, including two broken cranks and a faulty derailer that left one adventurer with a shortened chain and unable to change gears.

These issues, in addition to the young mens realization that one of the participants is not actually that good at biking and that the mountains were much bigger and steeper than they had imagines is why there is very little actual biking show in this biking video.

Much like life, the trip did not go exactly as the explorers had planned. However, through all their trials and tribulations the young men met new friend, learned about seldom visited parts of Bolivia, and nurtured their growing bromance.

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