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Bold Cycles reveals their revolutionary trail bike the “Linkin Trail”. Swiss newcomer Bold Cycles Ltd. presents its bicycle brand «Bold» and its «Internal Suspension Technology» as a world first: The rear shock has been entirely integrated into the seat tube.

The public launch of the first «Linkin Trail» model will be held at Solothurn’s Bike Days bicycle festival from May 8th to 10th 2015. As per the same date the web shop will be open for online orders.

With the «Bold» brand the team around Vincenz Droux and Oliver Kreuter present a world premier regarding frame design and suspension kinematics for mountain bikes: With its system integrated «Internal Suspension Technology» kinematics, abbreviated as «IST», the rear shock has been entirely built into the frame, driven by a set of links. As one of the first companies worldwide the start-up is also early with another concept, as the frame has been built to fit both 29-inch wheels and the new 27.5plus size – depending on the intended use, expected trail characteristics and individual preferences. All these new developments will be presented in form of the initial offering «Linkin Trail» that combines state-of-the-art EPS frame building technology with the Boost 148 standard in the back and the stiffer wheels that result from this. With Bold Cycling Ltd. the Swiss bicycle industry spawns a promising newcomer.

As the name promises our kinematics that offer a full 130mm (5 inches) of travel in the rear does not simply position the rear shock in the frame’s main triangle but rather builds it neatly into the seat tube. Not visible from the outside, the shock is driven by a patent-pending set of links. Thanks to the «IST» technology the frame does not just serve as a structural element but also as a tough skin to protect the shock from weather, loose rocks and dirt. Apart from the clean looks and aesthetics, integrating the entire suspension into the frame has some additional advantages. With the frame’s kinematics new links positioning is possible adding both to the stiffness and to a suspension platform that is fully active under drivetrain and braking forces.

As the rear shock is not connected to the frame’s top tube either, every frame size can be designed to meet the exact needs. This means that even a small frame fits a full-size water bottle while offering a low-slung top tube and heaps of standover clearance. The low centre of gravity resulting from the compact, stiff linkages of the rear suspension further add to the solid handling characteristics. Convinced by the «IST» kinematics and the related concept, DT Swiss has stepped in as technology partner and has built a shock that has been taylor-made for the needs of «Bold» with the «DT Swiss X313 customized».

First offering «Linkin Trail»

As per Summer 2015 the «Linkin Trail» as first model of the «Linkin» premium line will be available in four different specifications. The bike comes with 29-inch wheels as a standard. Customers get to choose from four different specifications and build options, three frame sizes and three stem lengths. As for the clear-coated carbon frames, sticker sets in the colours red, light grey and turquoise are offered.

The products will be sold via the web shop under and are being assembled in Lengnau, Switzerland. Packed in a premium wooden box, customers get their mountain bike delivered to their doorstep within three weeks’ time. If they wish so, delivery to a selected specialist retailer is an option too. A free first service within six months after the purchase is included in the retail price. The «Linkin Trail» will be presented to the public and available for test rides for the first time at the Swiss bicycle festival Bike Days which is held in Solothurn from May 8th to 10th 2015. At the same time the web shop under will go online.


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