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BodyFloat™ is a fresh approach to bicycle seat post suspension that maximizes rider comfort, overall performance and style. BodyFloat is a compact and light weight dual spring parallelogram bicycle suspension seat post. BodyFloat isolates the rider from the constant bumps and vibrations of cycling while maximizing comfort, pedaling efficiency and overall performance.

How does BodyFloat work?

Simply put…this patent pending dual spring system levitates you over your bike, isolating you from the terrain below while allowing for better pedal efficiency, more comfort and increased riding confidence.  BodyFloat does this in two distinct ways:

Firstly, our design allows for comfort! It effectively isolates you from the terrain below and greatly reduces the amplitude of surface vibrations and small bumps thus making your ride more comfortable in every way. You can ride without negative effects and feel relatively fresh after your ride.  Quicker recovery from any ride is a good thing, right?   And no sore butt!!!

Secondly, our design enables you to maintain a smooth, comfortable and efficient pedal stroke without bounce, flex or wasted energy. Our non-damped spring design (meaning no elastomers, oils, air or other substance) allows for the natural vertical compliance necessary to encourage an efficient pedal stroke. It does this intuitively with your body weight and natural movement that creates circular and efficient pedaling.

Why no damping?

Good question…and this is the genius of BodyFloat™. Damping slows frequency response by definition.  No damping allows for the best possible isolation of the power plant (ie: you…the motor) and allows for the best transmission of energy into forward motion.  So you can be more comfortable, conserve more energy and put that energy into getting you from A to B quicker and more comfortably.

There are two small dampers in the BodyFloat™.  A small top-out elastomer located in the pre-load bolt and a progressive bottom-out elastomer housed in the lower spring guide.  These two small elastomers work to soften the endpoints of your specific travel range.

What’s difference between the 2.0 and the 3.0:

Isolation is what the BodyFloat is  all about and both models do a fine job at it.    The 3.0 does a bit better by utilizing 8 silky cartridge bearings, a beautiful carbon seat post and sculpted side links that are manufactured with a higher grade material.  The 2.0 uses a highly efficient bushing system, an alloy seat post and sports solid side links capable of providing you ample space for personal engraving options.   The 3.0 will be a bit lighter than the 2.0 as well, not sure exactly how much yet, but in the range of 30-50 grams.

How much travel does it have?

Up to 1.5″ (38mm) of true vertical travel, pre-loadable down to less than 1/4″ (6.4mm) if desired. Somewhere in the middle is your ideal ‘sweet spot’ that works best for you and your needs. Just like fine tuning a car or motorbike suspension; performance and comfort can only be maximized once the suspension is tuned.

Future models will have over 3″ of available travel for mountain specific applications.

What is the “Sweet Spot”?

AKA “heaven”. The ‘sweet spot’ is the ideal combination of spring rate and pre-load that allows the rider to be most effectively isolated from the terrain below without negative movement or action.  Your ‘sweet spot’ is easy to find and easy to change based on your weight, riding style, bike and selected terrain.  BodyFloat isn’t about suspending you over everything like a full suspension bike or other suspension systems… its about effectively isolating you from the terrain allowing you to increase your efficiency.

What is “pre-load”?

Pre-load refers to the force applied to spring component before external loads, such as rider weight, are applied. For instance: on a comfort based bike you may want less pre-load that offers a more plush feel using more travel. For performance, pre-load the BodyFloat to maximize efficiency, minimize travel and find  your optimum range.  Adjusting pre-load can be done on the fly with the simple turn of the pre-load hex bolt located on the rear of the unit.

Can I adjust or change the springs?

Yes!  Adjustment of the spring is easy.  BodyFloat™ comes pre-configured based on your weight and riding characteristics.  As mentioned above, you adjust the spring with the pre-load screw.  This reduces the effective travel of the unit.  If you find that you often bottom-out or it’s too stiff, you can change the spring out with a spring of a higher or lower spring rate.  This is done by removing the lower spring/spring guide and replacing the spring with one that better suits you.

What is its size and weight?

The 3.0 production model will weigh about 430g +/-.   It’s about the size of your Ipod.   The 2.0 weighs about 470g.

Will BodyFloat™ fit my bike?

BodyFloat™ is designed to work on just about any bike. Available in 27.2mm & 31.6mm seat post diameters, with shims for other sizes. Other diameters will be available soon. It will fit any standard twin rail bike saddle.

How much clearance is needed between my bike frame and the saddle?

It can be preloaded so that only 80mm is required from the top of the seat tube to the saddle rails.

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