Bimp’Air – innovative inflation system

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BIMP’AIR is the first fully autonomous inflating device, consisting of a compressed air system which can be refilled as often as you like, offering a supremely convenient solution for cyclists.

This patented technology offers cyclists a new alternative in the shape of a multi-purpose tool enabling them to inflate tyres and set their air forks and shock absorbers to the right pressure. There is also a version suitable for use with tubeless tyres.

All the rider’s requirements are met by this single piece of equipment. This highly-innovative solution is aimed at all long-distance cyclists, freeriders and fans of other types of off-road biking and comes in the shape of a refillable capsule of compressed air.

You can say goodbye to the exhausting process of pumping up your bicycle by hand and to expensive and environmentally-damaging CO² capsules, Bimp’Air is the solution of the future. The originality of the Bimp’Air solution lies in how it uses the energy generated by the bicycle’s motion to produce compressed air. The product comprises 3 components:

  • A refillable capsule
  • A miniature air compressor
  • An energy convertor

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