BikeStrap – Fittest Bike Mount- for Any Mobile Phone

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BikeStrap’s universal bike mount fits any mobile phone and most bike handlebars. Designed by and for commuters, travellers & bike lovers!

Most manufacturers sell mounts for a specific mobile phone model. Which is good while you have that phone, but once you get a different one, that mount will be useless. The BikeStrap will serve you for years.

BikeStrap is designed for mounting quickly any mobile phone on all handlebars. The Handlebar Lock System facilitates & accelerates the installation for all users!

The strip loops and straps over your bars then hold and stretches to fit whatever smartphone you want to use. The lock system allows you to have the bike mount on your handlebar at all times, with or without a phone installed. Distinctly, BikeStrap has no screws to tighten, no different clips to suit different phones, it’s just a simple elastic strap that fits any mobile phone. Best universal bike mount today.

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