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Bike Tours and Beer while not traditionaly typical topics covered here on MyBike.TV, but combining them together does get our attention. The company behind this is Beercycling, and they run bike tours to get you “from pint A to pint B”.

2015 is the fifth year of the beer themed cycling tours in Belgium and the Netherlands. The 9-day Trappist Challenge is in Belgium, and will ride 250 miles through the forests, mountain passes and rivers of the Belgian Ardennes. On the tour, they will visit the Trappist Monasteries that are the source of well-known beers Rochefort, Chimay and Orval.

They say its a difficult tour, with very hilly terrain and no rest days. This year’s tours are June 26th through July 4th and August 6th through August 14th. They also have multiple trips of Flanders in 4 and 10 day lengths. Tours are limited to 14-16 riders plus two guides to keep it personal and maintain a cohesive group while riding.

What is Beercycling?

beercycling \ bir-si-k(ə-)liŋ \ verb  1: A leisurely, healthy activity which involves traveling on bicycles to establishments that serve and/or brew beer for public consumption. This is done for the pleasure of the journey and the enjoyment of tasting exceptional beverages rather than through the need to race or become inebriated.  2: An anti-beer belly campaign.  3:  The most fun you’ll ever have exercising.

Beercycling is a very small American-owned company focused on creating beer-themed cycling experiences in Belgium and the Netherlands. We aren’t business people, we are beer people. The company was created by founder Evan Cohan and his passion for learning about beer, international travel, and bicycle touring. Our philosophy is about finding ways to incorporate exercise into everyday life as a way to balance out the other fun activities, like beer tasting. Our our tours you “earn your beer” each day. That’s how we roll.

We are a hands-on, personal company. Each tour is led either by founder Evan Cohan, and/or our lead Dutch guide and hop farmer, Henk Wesselink, who has been with us from the beginning. We both love bicycle touring, meeting new people, and sharing our passion for Belgian and Dutch beer. One of the best parts of our tours is the new friendships that are made within each group. A common bond for beer-filled adventure really brings people together, one sip at a time.

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