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Baldwin Titanium Bicycles

At Baldwin Titanium, we are passionate about bringing high quality bike building back to the UK. We specialise in building high end, custom fitted titanium bicycle frames to customer’s exacting specifications.

We only build to order and we only build them one at a time. We manufacture custom fitted titanium bicycles. Every one of our bikes is hand built to order in Beverley (East Yorkshire).

We understand the relationship of how important  your bike is to the enjoyment and performance that you get out of your riding. Each and every bike is hand crafted in Beverley, East Yorkshire.  We believe that by focusing like this on one bike at a time, a truly special bike evolves. Each and every bike is made with passion and love – something that is hard to achieve in a mass production bicycle factory.

  • Baldwin Bike 045
  • Baldwin Bike 074
  • Baldwin Bike 076
  • Baldwin Bike 079
  • Baldwin Bike 090
  • Baldwin Bike 096
  • Baldwin Bike 098
  • Baldwin Bike 103
  • Baldwin Bike 105
  • Baldwin Bike 109

Our bikes are made from aerospace grade titanium tubing which offers a superb ride quality along with many years of trusty service as titanium is impervious to the elements and does therefore not rust or corrode. We believe that owning a bike that has been custom built to suit your body shape and your style of riding is the ultimate in bike ownership.

  • Baldwin Bike 111
  • Baldwin Bike 116
  • Baldwin Bike 119
  • Baldwin Bike 123
  • Baldwin Bike 125
  • Baldwin Bike 126
  • Baldwin Bike 141
  • Baldwin Bike 145
  • Baldwin Bike 221
  • Baldwin Bike 253

Added to that, we also believe that titanium is the ultimate material to build a bike with. The space age metal is super strong, light weight and corrosion resistant. Using only the highest quality, cold-worked and stress-relieved Grade 9 (3AL/2.5V) and Grade 5 (6AL/4V) seamless titanium tubing and components, we believe that a Baldwin Titanium bike frame truly is the ultimate bike frame for the discerning rider.

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  • Baldwin Bike z0
  • Baldwin Bike z1
  • Baldwin Bike z2
  • Baldwin Bike z3

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