AXFix – The new ultimate system for transporting motorbikes

Our patented AXFix system is the next generation of safe motorcycle transport.


Over 2 years, the AXFix system has been tested and further developed over several thousand kilometers and under the most extreme conditions. The AXFix system is both easy to use and also ensures safe and stable motorcycle transportation. A must have for every biker!

  • Stable and Secure
  • Easy to use
  • Fast fixing system
  • independent of the motorcycle suspension
  • independent of the motorcycle trailer suspension





AXFix germanyWhen tying down your Bike by the handlebars, frame or seat it always affects the preload on the suspensions. Under braking, over bumps or cornering, the belts are slackened short-term and this may in turn pose a safety risk to your vehicles.

The AXFix system secures your Bike through the hollow wheel spindles, the bike is only secured against the tyres, both the Bike and trailer suspension are able to move freely; and the bike is completely safe and perfectly stable.

The AXFix system also saves space with its patented compact belt. This is angled from the wheel axles to the floor, which is especially useful in smaller vans and results in a great gain in space and travel comfort.

  • No pressure on either the carrying vehicle or Bike suspension.
  • Importantly, the Bike is saved from the unavoidable rubbing marks when using the old style securing belts.
  • Annoying tensioning of the harness
  • Steep tension-belt angle possible (0 degrees)
  • Trim parts are not affected by movement of the shorttension-belts
  • High quality materials
  • Stable and Secure
  • Fast fixing of your Bike
  • Saves tensioning of the motorcycle suspension
  • Saves tensioning of the trailer suspension
  • Universal application
  • Made in Germany

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