ALCOHO-LOCK – World’s First Breathalyzer Bike Lock

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Drunk-riding of bike is dangerous, the cause of injuries and accidents. Furthermore, just like drunk driving, it is against the law in Japan. However, many people are not aware about the dangers and illegality compared to drunk driving.

ALCOHO-LOCK presented by KOOWHO is a totally new solution consisting of a lock and exclusive application. When cyclists are about to unlock, the alcohol density level will be checked by breathing into the lock.

In case alcohol is detected from cyclist’s breath, an alert is automatically sent to the pre-registered partner’s smartphone. The partner can stop their beloved cyclist from riding bike. What is needed in order to end drunk riding of bike, it is the reform of the mindset and the power of love.

To all cyclists, with love.

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  • Measurements:H150 × W130 × D25 mm
  • Weight:466g
  • Cover Material:Alminium
  • To use ALCOHO-LOCK, you need a smartphone installed with the exclusive application.
  • ALCOHO-LOCK is a product that was created for cyclists and their partners to reconfirm the dangers of cycling under the influence of alcohol. The alcohol level detected from this product is only a reference and does not insure the safety of the cyclist.
  • Our company is not reponsible for any damage or loss by using this product. Use under your own discretion.
  • Even in the case that alcohol is not detected, do not ride a bicycle after you drink.

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