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Aevon trailers are designed for a use in extreme situations. On roads, tracks, pebbles, sand and mud, they will follow you in total harmony and reliability. In the past few years, many globetrotters have gone around the roads of the world with them. A proof of their quality!

Ideal for a daily use. Handling ability and efficiency are Aevon’s main qualities. A nice way to go on using your bike in all situations. Fixed to the seat post, it enables an amazing handling ability and great stability for the user.

The materials used are top range quality. The frame is in aluminium 6061. For a better resistance, the techniques “meshed-soldered TIG” and thermic treatment “T6″ are used.

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The Aevon STD100 trailer is the classic model which made the Aevon range so famous. This trailer is light and very balanced, but also perfectly reliable. It will follow you in every situation, all around the world as well as on your daily trips. The frame of the STD 100 trailer is made of first quality aluminium. It enables to receive a 100L bag. Aevon designed a product which makes your moves easier: a U-turn without putting your foot to the ground can be done anywhere, even on narrow tracks. The pressure at the level of the centre of gravity, under the seat, makes driving easier, even downhill which will amaze many users. Offroad or in town, this innovative fastening system is a token of stability and reliability. The pressure of the oleo-pneumatic shock absorber is adjustable, to improve its answer in relation to the load carried. The ground clearancecan also be adjusted with an Allen wrench.

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The UNO 100 trailer is the same size as the STD 100. However it is the cheapest one of the Aevon range. With no shock absorber, it is reserved for a use on roads. For a lower price, the UNO 100 trailer has the same quality and the same technical characteristics as the STD 100. The UNO 100 however, is less multipurpose as it is exclusively dedicated to a use on road : it has no shock absorber. But it is still a ‘real’ Aevon trailer, token of reliability and high performance. It carries easily up to 100L of load.

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The KIT L80 trailer is the last one of the Aevon range. It is the smallest and above all the lightest. Despite its size, it can carry a load up to 35kg. But most of all, it is entirely foldable with no tools in less than 4 minutes! The KIT L80 trailer is the new one of the Aevon trailer: no problem of storage. It is entirely foldable with no tool. In less than 4 minutes, it goes from 1,76m to 0,84m; useful for travels by plane ! With 5,5 kg (without bag) this is the lightest Aevon trailer. Loyal to the brand, quality is there.

The E-trailer is an Aevon trailer with an electric motor. Carrying luggage by bike has never been so easy ! The meeting of savoir-faire between company Cycloboost and Aevon brand offers a top-range product. Fruit of the meeting between Aevon and Cycloboost, the E-trailer will amaze you ! The driving is so easy and efficient. The E-trailer will follow you in the most challenging trips. Two electric kits are adapted to different uses. A Balade kit up to 500W (low-energy consumption) will be adapted to a regular use and for long trips. An Xtrême kit up to 1000W (more energy-consuming but more powerful) will enable a higher speed. The battery gets fitted inside the trailer, at the bottom of the bag to lower the gravity center and improve the roadholding. The autonomy is different depending on the capacity of the battery chosen : you can then go for 40km (battery of 10Ah) or more than 100km (battery of 20Ah) on average.

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