When Yamaha launched the original TMAX at the beginning of the new millennium, not only did the company create a whole new maxi scooter sector but also changed the face of high performance scootering forever.

Few people within the industry could have predicted the massive growth in the demand for Yamaha sport scooters that the European market has experienced over the past 15 years. Today Yamaha’s TMAX models are among the leading models in scooter sales figures and in a number of markets they are also the brand’s best-selling maxi-scooters.

Offering thrilling acceleration and high speed performance together with precise handling – as well as giving excellent wind protection and impressive functionality with luxurious ride quality – the latest generation TMAX models are attracting many thousands of customers from a diverse range of motorcycling, car driving and scootering backgrounds.

For 2016 the choice of models in the Yamaha TMAX line is expanded with the introduction of a second and new special edition: TMAX LUX MAX. The recently introduced special edition TMAX IRON MAX is supplied with a number of design upgrades, and the legendary TMAX is available with a new colour option.

The success of the special edition TMAX IRON MAX has inspired the development of the X-MAX IRON MAX, giving all of Yamaha’s Sport scooter customers the option of owning and riding this special edition model.

With its Liquid Darkness colour scheme as well as a range of special features both TMAX IRON MAX and X-MAX IRON MAX models are designed for riders who want the ultimate in two-wheeled style together with sporty performance – and bring IRON MAX sophistication and charisma to the Yamaha sport scooter class. ABS is fitted as standard to the X-MAX IRON MAX models, in 400/250/125cc variations, as also as standard on the TMAX IRON MAX.



With its powerful 530cc liquid-cooled twin cylinder engine, lightweight die-cast aluminium frame, belt drive transmission and sophisticated suspension and braking systems, the TMAX is widely regarded as being the ultimate high performance maxi scooter by those who know. During its 15-year history the TMAX has been constantly improved and developed, and the latest second generation model attracts a fiercely loyal and knowledgeable selection of owners.

Featuring a number of exclusive high quality components and graphics, the new TMAX LUX MAX is a special edition model that offers experienced scooter riders the chance to own one of the most stylish, prestigious and sophisticated two wheelers on the street.

The new high gloss Nimbus Grey colour accentuates the sleek aerodynamic bodywork and underlines this class leading maxi scooter’s advanced specification and unrivalled build quality. For a luxurious ride the TMAX LUX MAX is supplied with a design seat and aluminium footplates, while a special finish around the instruments combined with new LUX MAX emblems on the bodywork underline this high performance scooter’s sophisticated style and head turning exclusivity.

TMAX IRON MAX: Updated for 2016

Following the highly successful launch of the TMAX IRON MAX for the 2015 model year, Yamaha have enhanced the specification and design of this special edition model for 2016. The new features include golden wheel rims and a new golden TMAX logo that complement the existing golden front forks and brake caps. Also new for 2016 is the black boomerang and black nose inlay.

These exclusive new features are in addition to the special seat, footplates and instrument panel finish that were introduced in 2015, making the TMAX IRON MAX one of the most impressive and desirable models in the Yamaha range.

TMAX: New colour option

This is the model that started the whole maxi scooter scene, and Yamaha’s legendary TMAX continues to top the sales charts in Europe, year after year. For 2016 this initial Sport scooter is offered in a new colour option of Blazing Grey.


* Versatile performer for commuting, touring, leisure riding

* Powerful 530cc inline twin cylinder liquid-cooled engine

* Fully automatic transmission

* Lightweight die-cast aluminium frame

* Strong torque for outstanding acceleration

* High specification 41mm diameter upside down front forks

* Dual 267mm front discs with radial mount front brake calipers

* 282 mm rear disc brake

* LED head light

* Smart key system and standard 12V outlet

* High-tech dashboard with twin analogue dials & LCD


* Aluminum footplates

* Special seat

* Exclusive meter panel finishing

* Special Edition emblems

* Nimbus Grey colour

* LUXMAX Special name logo

* Chrome TMAX logo


* Aluminum footplates

* Special seat

* Exclusive meter panel finishing

* Special emblems

* Liquid Darkness colour

* Golden front fork & radial brake caliper caps

* Golden wheel rims

* Golden TMAX logo


Move. Live. Love.

Today’s scooter market in Europe offers one of the widest ever selections of scooters from a range of established and less well known manufacturers, and the large number of brands and models can sometimes be a little daunting to many potential customers who are looking for their first powered two wheeler.

To underline Yamaha’s customer centric direction for 2016 and beyond, Yamaha has regrouped its 125cc scooter models into the new Urban Mobility segment.

The name of the segment really speaks for itself, and it includes 2-wheel and 3-wheel scooters over 50cc that are primarily aimed at the short to medium range commuter marketplace.

Designed for the typical ride to work the majority of the 2016 models in the new Urban Mobility segment are driven by 125cc class 4-stroke fully automatic engines, giving lively performance together with high levels of economy. With their A1 license status, these compact and agile ‘twist and go’ urban commuter scooters are designed to be easy to use and fun to ride, and are aimed at new and existing riders looking for a reliable, efficient and economical alternative to public transport.

With a wide choice of models that includes 3 wheels or 2 wheels, fat tyres or high wheels, sporty or sophisticated body designs, and understated or extrovert colour schemes, the 2016 Urban Mobility segment from Yamaha has something for new and experienced riders of all ages and tastes.

2016 Urban Mobility: Colour change models

Tricity. Love the way I move

Featuring a unique 3-wheel chassis that is designed to give an enhanced feeling of stability and confidence when riding, the fashionable and innovative Tricity is the smart way to move around the city.

Introduced in late 2014, this revolutionary 125cc 3-wheel scooter has been specifically developed to appeal to those commuters who are looking for an alternative to public transport but have yet to make the decision to move to a conventional scooter.

The secret behind the Tricity’s clever design is the leaning front wheel technology that gives a stable handling feeling that is similar to that of a conventional 2-wheel scooter when cornering. The two leaning front wheels are closely spaced, enabling the Tricity rider to negotiate their way through congested traffic in the same way as a traditional scooter. Wind beating bodywork together with a flat footboard and generous storage space make this a practical and realistic alternative to the bus, train or car for a short range commute.

Offering outstanding fuel economy and low ownership costs as well as an affordable purchase price, the user-friendly Tricity is a genuine alternative form of transport for those commuters who are desperate to make a positive change to their lifestyle.

For 2016 the Tricity is available in a new colour option, Velvet White.

Tricity Highlights

* The smart way to move

* Lightweight 3-wheel urban commuter

* Easy to use A1 license class scooter

* 2 front wheels give increased feeling of stability

* Economical and affordable

* Lively and economical 125cc 4-stroke engine

* Ideal for new and current scooter riders

* Closely spaced front wheels ensure good agility in traffic

* Modern wind-beating bodywork with storage spaces

* Light, compact and easy to handle

* Unified Brake System as standard

* Optional ABS version

* New colour option for 2016

NMAX. Everyday life included

Yamaha’s Urban Mobility scooter range was further strengthened in summer 2015 with the arrival of the stylish new NMAX, an attractive and sporty entry-level commuter that combines premium class comfort with dynamic looks, lively performance and remarkable fuel economy.

At the heart of this vibrant city dweller is a newly designed ‘Blue Core’ 125cc liquid cooled engine featuring the first Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) system ever used on a Yamaha scooter. Together with its optimized fuel injection settings, the innovative VVA system delivers strong and linear acceleration together with impressive fuel economy of 45.7km/litre (WMTC mode).

The sporty chassis perfectly complements the high-tech engine, and features a lightweight tubular frame with twin shock suspension and 13-inch wheels as well as 230mm front and rear disc brakes. A roomy riding position with a stepped dual ensures high levels of riding comfort – and the triple-lamp LED headlights, LED brake light and LCD instruments underline the premium specification that this affordable entry-level urban commuter has to offer.

NMAX Highlights

* Premium quality entry-level city scooter

* High specification with a competitive price

* Powerful 125cc SOHC 4-valve liquid-cooled engine

* Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) engine for strong acceleration

* Excellent fuel efficiency: 45.7km/litre WMTC mode

* Compact and sporty handling chassis

* Excellent handling and agility

* ABS as standard with 230mm front and rear discs

* Spacious interior with plenty of legroom

* Generous underseat helmet storage space

* Sporty aerodynamic bodywork

* 13-inch wheels with 130-section rear tyre

* LED lights and LCD instruments

Xenter 150 / 125. The beauty of getting there early

With its understated styling and 16-inch alloy wheels, the Xenter is a smooth and effective way to travel into and around the city. Its spacious bodywork gives a relaxed upright riding position, giving the rider a good view of the road ahead – and its spacious flat footboard make getting on and off easy and effortless.

Its stitched dual seat is fitted with a high grip cover to ensure plenty of riding comfort, and the full LCD instruments underline its premium overall specification. Driven by a smooth and economical 125cc 4-stroke engine – with a 150cc option also available – the Xenter is one of the most economical ways to move in the urban jungle. And with its plush telescopic forks as well as the advanced Monocross rear suspension, which is coming from the design used on the TMAX, and the high 16-inch wheels the Xenter is built to deliver a smoother ride on uneven city streets.

For 2016 the Xenter 150 / 125 are available in a new colour option, Silky Grey.

Xenter Highlights

* Fashionable and functional high wheel urban commuter

* Lively and economical 150cc or 125cc 4-stroke engine options

* Smooth action telescopic forks and Monocross rear suspension

* Unified Braking System (UBS)

* Lightweight alloy 16-inch wheels for a smooth ride

* 267mm front disc brake

* Flat comfortable and spacious footboard

* Full LCD instruments

* Generous storage space

* Stitched seat with high grip cover

The full Urban Mobility segment of Yamaha scooters consists of the following models: Tricity, NMAX, Xenter 150/125, D’elight, and X-City 250.

Post source : yamaha-motor.eu

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