2015 Cannonball Bike Run

logo 2015 Cannonball Bike Run


A bike rally? A motorcycle tour? A lifetime adventure? All of these and much, much more. It’s an event like no other and an experience that you will genuinely remember forever. First and foremost it is about THE RIDE.

Amazing roads with maximum grip and minimal traffic are what we search out. Whilst THE DESTINATIONS are incredible, it is THE JOURNEY that CBR is all about. A journey where you will discover as much about yourself as the wildly varied places that you pass through. Most importantly though, it is THE PEOPLE that come to share THE EXPERIENCES, THE CHALLENGE and THE SHEER ADVENTURE of it all that create a fusion of CAMARADERIE which is very hard to put into words:

“An international brotherhood, an unspoken pride and an exclusive club of which Membership is for Life.” – This is what it means to be a Cannonballer.

This year´s adventure will take us through the great countries of Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and end at the world´s biggest party – October Fest in Munich, Germany.

No words can communicate the unending avalanche of sights, sounds, people, places and feelings that you will experience. This WILL be a week that you never forget.

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